Cardboard Boxes

We supply high quality corrugated boxes for protecting goods while in storage and transit. 

As manufacturers of cardboard boxes we can offer bespoke sizes in small and large quantities at wholesale prices. 

Our range of Cardboard Boxes include, Single Wall and Double Wall Boxes (available in white or brown), Long and Tall Cardboard Boxes , Postal BoxesRemoval BoxesMug BoxesExport Boxes, and Bottle Boxes.

The majority of our range of Standard Cardboard Boxes  include multi-score heights which allows the height of the box to be reduced to a pre-scored crease.  This is a simple way to efficiently pack varying height products securely without the need for multiple box sizes. The additional benefit of these boxes is that it reduces the need for expensive void fill, which is also better for the environment.  

Single Wall or Double Wall, what's the difference?

Single Wall

Medium duty single wall stock cartons made from high quality fluted cardboard. This economical range is ideal for protecting goods in storage or transit. They are conveniently supplied flat packed in a free outer box in packs of 20. These are available in Brown or White

Double Wall

Heavy duty double wall stock cartons made from high quality fluted cardboard. This high quality range is ideal for protecting goods in storage or transit. They are conveniently supplied flat packed in a free outer box in packs of 10. These are available in Brown or White.

Postal Boxes

We stock a large variety of Postal Boxes made from sturdy corrugated cardboard to suit a wide range of needs. 

Postal and Book Wraps are suitable for PiP Small-Medium parcel and Large Letter sized items.

Standard Postal Boxes (available in White or Brown) are made from high quality single wall brown cardboard, in FEFCO styles 0427 and 0421.

Our Quick Seal Postal Boxes (available in White or Brown, and PiP Large Letter form) lightweight and designed to fit within the Royal Mail PiP sizings of large letter and small parcel to help minimise postal costs. 

Specialist Box Sizes

Our new range of specially sized box are perfect for unusually shaped items, and are the perfect way to ensure your items arrive safely, regardless of their shape or size.

For flatter items such as pictures, we offer either our fixed sized 0203 Mirror and Painting Boxes, or our adjustable Telescopic Boxes. Our double-walled telescopic boxes are perfect for packaging items of different sizes, as the 'lid' of the box can be slid over the base at varying heights to secure a varied of products. 

We also offer a variety of Long Cardboard Boxes which can be sealed either from the top, or along the length. Our Top Opening Cardboard Boxes are available in either a medium duty Single Wall cardboard, or in a heavier duty Double Wall cardboard for more robust mailings. We also offer Length Opening Carboard Boxes which are double walled and perfect for laying your item down inside the box before sealing. 

Archive and Storage Boxes

Our range of archive and storage boxes are perfect for a wide range of storage applications, from office and workplace storage, to home document storage. Our entire range of Archive and Storage Boxes are made from FSC® certified 100% recycled board in line with our efforts to promote more environmentally friendly practices. These boxes are also recyclable, and fold flat for storage.

Removal Boxes

We offer a wide range of removal boxes that are perfect for any move. Our Mini Saver pack is perfect for one bedroom homes and flats, whilst the Starter Pack is ideal for two bedroom properties, the Medium Mover pack is suited to three to four bedrooms homes, and our Ultimate Value pack is designed for a large family move. 

All of our Removal Box Packs include panels for location and contents details to help you sort and locate everything to ease the moving process.

We also offer more specialist moving boxes such as our Wardrobe Box and our Mirror and Painting Boxes to help protect the more difficult items. Our Wardrobe Boxes include a robust hanging rail, and are designed to prevent and creasing, crushing or other damage to your garments. Meanwhile, our Mirror and Painting boxes provide your wall art with the necessary protection to survive the journey to their new home. 

Mug Boxes

Mug boxes are a great way to protect and preserve your mug product, especially when presentation is important. Our boxes are perfectly sized to fit most standard mugs, and we also offer specialised caffe latte mug boxes. 

Whilst we offer a selection of brown and coloured mug boxes, our sales team can also provided branded mug boxes for any corporate packaging requirements. We can also help with sourcing mugs, packing and mailing, and even insert a compliment slip or other gift inside the mug whilst packing. 

Export Boxes, Cases and Pallets

Our Pallet Boxes, Triple Wall Cardboard Box, and Plastic Pallets are ideal for large storage and export.

Our Pallet Boxes consist of a bottom tray mounted on a wooden pallet, with a corrugated sleeve and cap.The sleeve comes flat packed within the tray, allowing efficient storage when not in use.These robust boxes are ideal for the shipping of heavy duty items and are widely used for export.

The Heavy Duty Triple Wall Cardboard Boxes gives excellent product protection and comes stitched to provide maximum protection and crush resistance for your items.

Our range of robust, durable, and lightweight Plastic Pallets are a cost-effective alternative to traditional wooden pallets. These plastic pallets offer a good chemical and moisture resistance, and are easy to wash down, reducing the risk of harbouring contamination. Each pallet is also easily recyclable, and has a longer useable life than a wooden pallet. Perfect for the fresh produce, IT, Engineering and pharmaceutical business sectors where hygiene and clean working environments are essential.

Bottle Boxes

Our moulded pulp and corrugate bottle protectors are a safe and eco-friendly solution for  transportation of bottled goods, providing unrivalled protection throughout the shipping process. All of our Bottle Boxes are biodegradable, recycleable, and easy to use.

These Safansound Bottle Protectors are a combination of an outer transit case and a pulp clam-shell inner, designed to protect bottles and other glass products through the UK postal service.